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Maider López

Maider LópezMaider López

The Artists

“Learning is one of the most interesting aspects of creating, and the process of creating takes unexpected directions. I always find reasons to thank these little artists and the way they see, think, and feel. We worked together on the delightful subject of the ghost, approaching it through mythology. This is a subject that has nurtured my own work and appears frequently in my art. For this long road we have travelled together, I am very grateful to La Arboleda school.”

“The diversity of the students also turned our subject—the ecosystem—into a way of rethinking how to work as a group. Thinking of the class as its own ecosystem, the workshops began with the arrival of an intruder into the system: the artist. In reaction to the new situation, the group took over a work area and explored various techniques and disciplines. Through the exercises we described ourselves and examined our roles, habitats, and the various contexts we share. All of the possibilities that open up by thinking about difference allowed us to explore new paths, find areas we didn’t know, discover each other, and feel a range of emotions by understanding difference through shared artistic experience.”

“One of the aspects of the program I feel is most interesting is its continuity: working continuously over time allows us to get to know each other, explore, be productive at certain times, and less so at other times. I also find it stimulating to go to the school and insert myself in their daily, routine environment.”

“Art and education forms a very important duo that is put into motion in this program. The approach to subjects in the curriculum from an artistic perspective provides an opportunity to work on new concepts and look at others from a different point of view. For example, art can decipher or reveal the articulations of language that remain hidden under the structure of daily life. This puts us at a different angle, allowing us to develop critical thinking, and gives us a different awareness of the reality that surrounds us.”

“This year has been an unforgettable experience for me and these students. A recurring theme has been the ‘call’ or revelation of art that those of us who devote our lives to this have felt. Just like the devout who sense a vocation that lead them to a life of faith, we artists also have a “first time,” a special moment that someone arouses, an awakening from which we don’t go back to the monotony of sleep. I believe this program provides the ground for these circumstances to come into being.”

“Every year, the work process of the Learning Through Art program addresses the specific needs of the children and adapts to them. To me, and from my perspective as an artist, I want them to look at the world as curious and critical subjects; those are adjectives that define artists too. To that end, we have worked on questioning and observation, to understand that things may be different from how we had seen them at first. As a result, I believe that the experience shared by the group has been life-enhancing, transformational and conceptual, full of questions, with eyes wide open to contemplate the world and their place within it.”

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